Electrolysis is an effective and permanent method of hair removal. You can decide to remove all unwanted facial or body hair by this method or use it to consolidate your laser treatments by removing the white/grey hairs the laser cannot target.

Electrolysis prices

Priced per treatment. If 10 treatments paid in advance 2 are given free.

Treatments Price
Minimum charge up to 15 mins £25.00
15 mins £25.00
30 mins £35.00
45 mins £45.00
1 hour £60.00

How does the treatment work?

Here at Aivilo we offer three types of electrolysis, blend, diathermy and galvanic. The most suitable method is selected for the individual client to ensure that it is comfortable and effective.

Electrolysis is a progressive treatment meaning that the hair will grow back but it will get weaker throughout the course of treatments. The hair is attached to the blood supply whilst it is in the growing phase of the hair growth cycle.

During electrolysis a disposable probe will be introduced into the base of the hair follicle, you will not feel any discomfort. Heat is then released for a couple of seconds into the follicle to cut off the blood supply from the hair. The hair is then removed. As soon as the hair grows through the skin the process is repeated. Eventually the hair will stop growing.

You can find out more about electrolysis in our handy advice section