Skin blemish removal

Advanced Electrolysis removes fibrous and vascular skin blemishes. Below are more detailed descriptions of some of the blemishes that can be easily and safely removed with Advanced Electrolysis.

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Skin blemish Description
Thread veins or Telangiectasia These are permanently dilated capillaries, which lie close to the surface of the skin making them very noticeable. Read more
Spider Naevus A central dilated blood vessel, with smaller capillaries radiating from it like the legs of a spider. They can be found in isolation or gathered together in clumps on areas such as the cheeks. Read more
Blood Spots or Campbell de Morgan or cherry angioma Bright red vascular blemishes which lie just under the surface of the skin. Read more
Plane Wart Usually 2-4 mm wide, smooth with a flat or raised top. They can be light brown, flesh coloured, greyish or darker. Read more
Seborrhoeic Warts, Basal Cell Papilloma or Seborrhoeic Keratosis These are over growths of skin cells on the top layer of the skin, brown to black in colour and are usually found on the face, neck, trunk and head. Read more
Common Wart Looks like a firm rough, raised, pink/flesh coloured swelling. Usually found in clumps on hands, fingers, elbows, knees or feet. Read more
Plantar warts More commonly known as the verrucae, these occur on the sole of the foot, heels an toes. They can be left alone to die out but if causing discomfort, cauterisation may be the answer. Read more
Skin Tags or fibro epithelial polyp, papilloma, verruca filiforms, filiform warts A common fibrous skin condition frequently found on areas that are subject to friction or rubbing. Read more
Xanthomas A more common type, Xanthelasma Palbebrais, is a symmetrical, firm yellowish growth on the outside of the eyelid, usually close to the nose. They can be associated with raised cholesterol so it is advisable to see your GP. Read more
Syringoma SyringomaBenign and not contagious. Yellowish coloured elevations of the skin usually found around the lower eyelids, upper cheeks, armpits, chest, abdomen, forehead. Read more
Milia Tiny white hard lumps containing keratin which lie superficially under the surface of the skin. Read more
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra A common disorder which develops in adolescence on black skin and is identified by smooth, dome shaped, brown to black papules seen mainly on the cheeks, neck and upper chest. Read more
Sebaceous cysts - steatoma A small retention of sebum under the skin that is usually blocked by an overgrowth of surface skin. Read more
Hairs in moles Hairs in moles can be easily treated but only with doctors consent. Moles may reduce in size and become paler when the hairs are removed. Read more



Price per treatment and numerous blemishes can be treated within the appointment time booked.

First 15 minutes £48.00
30 mins £75.00
45 mins £125.00
60 mins £150.00