PCOS laser hair removal case study

In her words…

“I have suffered with excess facial hair for a number of years but since being diagnosed with PCOS it worsened dramatically. I dealt with it myself and felt very embarrassed to talk about it, even with my partner or family and it really affected my confidence. After suffering with this issue for at least 10 years I decided enough was enough and it couldn’t go on any longer. After doing a quick search on the Internet I came across Aivilo and, after reading the website, called the next day to book a consultation.

“Nicky instantly put me at ease”

“I was so nervous and embarrassed making the call but knew it was what I had to do. Nicky instantly put me at ease and was very thorough in explaining the process. I attended the consultation and instantly felt comfortable talking to Nicky and more so because she is a fellow PCOS sufferer and could empathise with how I was feeling. For me visiting someone at their home clinic was much more appealing than going to a high street clinic as I felt it would draw attention to the sensitive nature of my visit.

"The results have been amazing and I feel my confidence is starting to return”

“I started my treatment straight away and the results have been amazing and I feel my confidence is starting to return. I am now about half way through my treatment and I am so happy with the results. I have gone from having to remove the hair at least once, sometimes twice a day, to once a week. If someone had told me this would be the case I would never have believed them. The very small amount of hair that is still there at the moment is less visible and the dark shadow has gone and I feel now that when I talk to people they are looking at me and not the hair as you can’t tell I have ever suffered with it.

“if you are having the same issues as I experienced get yourself along to Aivilo”

“I can’t thank Nicky enough for the support and advice she has given me since I have started my treatment. Going to my appointments is a pleasure and it feels more like a social occasion than an appointment. Please if you are having the same issues as I experienced get yourself along to Aivilo and change your life for the better.”

Before                                                                           After three treatments






Advice from Aivilo

When this client first contacted me, I was able to quickly relate to her concerns as a fellow PCOS sufferer.  I am always keen to fully explain the procedures and therein the amazing results I have witnessed.

At her first consultation we discussed her medical circumstances, how regular appointments and recommended aftercare would optimise the results of the treatment programme.

The pictures show the results after three treatments. For most clients best results will be realised after an average of eight treatments.

I have thoroughly enjoyed treating this client because once again the results of pain free laser hair removal have been fantastic.  I am in a very privileged position to help transform my client’s appearance and confidence levels which makes my job so rewarding.

When you book with Aivilo, I schedule appointments to ensure they are not rushed or overlapping with other clients so you will be the sole client during your appointment time.- so it will always be just the two of us. 

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